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We provide personalized compehensive and continuing car to our patients.


General Practice and Family Medical Practice

We provide personalized, comprehensive and continuing care to our patients. We stress on early detection and management of illnesses and, maintenance of a healthy person, family and society We represent the first line in maintaining an individual’s total health needs.


Accident and Emergeney Management

We are qualified to handle cases of minor injuries. In cases where the injuries are extensive, we provide first aid management and stabilize the patient before he sent for specialized care.

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Occupational Health Care of Employees of various industries

 We provide basic health and management of workers involved in occupation related to hazardous working conditions or exposure to dangerous materials We emphasize on the principle of

1. Early detection and removal of hazardous problems

2. Early removal of the affected person exposed to the hazard

3. Pre-employment and pre-placement medical examinations

4.Routine medical surveillance to detect hazardous working conditions and also to screen for early signs of disease.

poliklinik south city

Advising the management regarding methods to modify working conditions so as to prevent any illness that may arise from hazardous conditions, We also provide m-house Clinic management for the employees and management

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