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In recent times many industries and organizations have been appointing Panel Doctor and Clinic to manage the healthcare of their employers due to various advantages,



some of which are listed as follows

  • To provide comprehensive healthcare management of their employees.
  • To reduce the number of lost man or production hours due to unnecessary clinic visitation and unwarranted medical sick certificate
  • By promoting Healthy Living and Disease Prevention.
  • To advice Management regarding common ailments faced by their employees related to the working environment
  • To reduce the cost of total healthcare expenditure provided to the employees by the management.
  • Easy access to Health promotion and education activities carried out by Medical Officer
  • Counselling and rehabilitation of workers with interpersonal or social problems
  • Prompt treatment of Accident and Emergency cases arising due to various hazards at workplace
  • Assisting the management in various ways of reducing workplace hazards and disease or injury prevention and many more

We will provide a continuing, comprehensive and personalized healthcare service to the employees and management thereby preventing loss of production hours, minimizing health care cost and optimizing your production and thereby creating a conductive environment of work.


We’re Setting the New
Standards in Medical Sector


Committed to provide high Quality And Affordable Healthcare Services To Enrich Lives And Improve Health Of Our Community


To be the healthcare provider of choice for doctors and patients - delivering the healthcare we expect for ourselves and own family.

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